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DJs Lite Brite (Providence, R.I. - Ruffneck Playaz Crew / djlitebrite.net) and Alkivar (Lewiston, ME, X-treme Productions, NewEnglandRave.com, Sam I Am Productions)

Phil Freeart recently played a party in Tewksbury, Massachusettes called Love-A-Lot. Phil once again showed why he has survived both the high times and the low fluctuations of the hardcore scene. This man's personality is simply electric. Any DJ who has been spinning for 20 years will have records no one else has, and this guy brought them with him. Dropping classic old skool tunes like Baby D's "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller," only a DJ like Phil could throw down tunes like "Timewarp" off the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack without clearing the floor. And just when you thought he couldn't get more diverse he started throwing down early Rotterdam Terror. Of course he played tracks like the ever popular "99 Red Ballons" and "Fire" by Prodigy to great effect. Phil not only rocked the crowd he exemplified good DJ behavior. Unlike the typical headliner trash at parties in this region Phil, spent the entire night socializing with the crowd and talking to fans. It's no wonder he remains a crowd favorite.

Upstate New York is always keeping it real, inviting the best happy hardcore heads to their now bitterly cold area. February 23, Buffalo New York welcomes Spree, SOS, D-Minus and Frisky to the classically-titled, "Eye Opener." Also appearing are Major Malfunction, and the debut of KandieVibes and kANDeKraver. Buffalo is the perfect location for this mix of American and Canadian cheese. We can't wait to hear about how this party will turn out!

Lite Brite has been leaving her mark everywhere but the northeast region lately, from Toronto, Ontario Canada to Richmond, VA, Atlanta, GA and Boynton Beach, FL. She'll be bringing the happy hardcore sound to an all-female party called "Glowchix" at Orbit Night Club on March 8th (http://www.orbit-nightclub.com), alongside Debbie D, Soultry, Lady of the House, Susan Esthera and more. There's also word of another all-happy hardcore Sessions1 (http://www.sessions1.com) night in the making, so we'll see who turns up there!

New live Valentine's Day mix forthcoming from Lite Brite: look for it on http://www.ruffneckplayazcrew.com