As you all can see I've finally gotten off my ass and updated parts of the site...

Expect more progress in the next few weeks... new mixes... new photos... all sorts of new goodies!

In the meantime enjoy this old interview I did with Raver's Only back in 2003, and this old review from February 2002, back when I was doing event news and reviews for Next Generation's website.

I've just put up some new photos of my DJ Nook in progress... I'd say I'm about 75% done setting it up. I still intend to build a turntable stand with shelving built in, some shelving for my Vinyl and CDs (but that's on hold for now), and set up a web server and network camera so we can do live audio/video streaming (need the money). I also eventually plan on setting up some sort of digital DJ gear, probably Rane's Serato Scratch. I will also be picking up one of the new Pioneer CDJ's as my old one has finally crapped out... and eventually a new Mixer.

Picking up the new gear is pretty much all as funds allow, but in order to cross the nook off as done, I have to build some shelving.

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